The Rabat School of Mines is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022. The school has mainly been seen as a “young” institution, but it has witnessed five decades of development since its inauguration. The “Multidisciplinary Engineering School” of the 1970s has grown into the fully-fledged Engineering School of today. Over these five decades of achievement, the institution has accumulated a wide range of experiences and undergone many substantial changes, while remaining dynamic, diverse and curious. Marked by its successfulness in research, teaching and knowledge transfer, the School of Mines has emerged as a well-known entity in the educational landscape. It plays a leading role in several fields. Founded as a “Mining Engineering School”, it has taken a unique educational pathway to reach its present status as a well-recognized institution of higher Education.

The official ceremony commemorating the anniversary will be held on December 17th on the main Campus in Rabat Agdal. It is an event that will live up to this momentous occasion featuring many guests and speakers, who will look back upon the accomplishments and look forward to a bright future. The opening statement will be delivered by Dr. Azza. Distinguished guests from the Ministry of Energy Transition, the Ministry of Higher Education, and other institutions in the region are also invited. A presentation of the School’s mission and vision will also be given. As part of it 50th anniversary, the school will also host an “outdoor” party for the staff and the faculty. This will be an opportunity for the faculty and staff to connect, to get to know each other, and enjoy the food.